>Tales of the Unexpected


It must be getting close to Halloween because strange things are happening. For example: I elected to not take part in a sprint during last night’s Thursday Night Ride so the group was a little up the road from me. At the next intersection the group went left and i went straight trying to take a short cut.

As I’m heading up the road an SUV pulls alongside me. Fully expecting an earful for sneaking through the intersection against the light, I braced myself. Down went the passenger window. Out came the passenger’s head.

“Did you know the rest of your group turned left back there?”

I scraped my jaw off the ground with just enough time to get a “Thanks!” out before the SUV sped off after having done their good deed.

For some reason, one cyclist is a target. A group of cyclists, trying to get back to town before dark, is nice. Singles must be worth more points.