Pages turning faster than I can read them

Right now things are happening fast, so fast that it is hard to keep track of and process the important things.

Let me tick off a few things

Graduation for Kristin is only a couple weeks away, which means my little baby girl is getting all big on me. I keep telling myself that I am happy for all the new chapters and events and that this is all how its supposed to go and that her growing up doesn’t bother me, but at some point I am going to be reduced to tears. The emotional dam will most likely burst at her graduation ceremony.¬†¬†There are already some leaks here and there.

Not only is she graduating, but she’s going off to college soon. Creighton University no less, and will a major scholarship. Hopefully with more scholarships to follow.

With Kristin being Senior Class President, her parents become the de facto head of the Post Prom party committee. Planning it is a monumental task, and my dear wife has taken it on almost entirely, and tirelessly. She has done a remarkable job, and I am so proud of her.

And, to top it off, Kristin has been nominated for Prom royalty.

Kristin’s life has been an amazing story with many ups and many downs. She has gone through so much physically and emotionally but has always come through things with poise and grace, and managed to hang onto her faith and her priorities throughout.

I can’t imagine being more proud of a person, let alone my own child.


>And the last one falls

>Our last child turned 16 today. Of the five, he’s one of the more trouble free, but “he” is a boy, with a new license, and boys and cars are “interesting.” He has four older sisters and I lived through them – let’s hope I am as lucky with this one.