Nearing the end of January status check

Its January 27, close enough to the end of the month for an update/gut check.

My training plan started November 19 with base one ending December 30.  I am mostly through base 2, with a marked increase in intensity over the first period. I had to re-adjust what I was doing after refreshing myself one the Friel system via the Mountain Biker’s Training Bible. I pushed the intensity too high and had to dial it back. Its good because I was getting more tired than I should have this early in the year.

Off the bike I have been lifting heavy with increases coming intentionally slow. As a result, I feel as confident as I have ever felt under a barbell. The yoga and tai chi program continues as well. As proof that the active meditation works, I got rid of a nasty migraine using a combination of the two yesterday.

I am working on *running* a race this year as well, and am slowing adding distance every week. I have never been much of a runner but its something I want to be, within reason. And, with the goal of having a successful cross season this fall I need to be able to run.

Beyond exercise, work has been busy with some organized criminal activity driving area cops (including me) nuts. We have made some great strides getting the bad guys identified, and are hopefully close to throwing out a net. We’ve all  worked some long days lately with some days turning into night and morning.

The house is still full, but that looks to be changing soon. It is going to be different without them.

Without going into any details, I was reminded how much my wife loves me this week. I am a lucky man.

With only a tiddly bit of January to go, February is basically all that stands in the way of spring cycling. I am anxious to see where my fitness is then compared to my arch rival/good buddy Jerry.


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