Time for summer

Ponca SP and Mother Nature’s teamed up to turn an already tough race into something completely different . I was (really) nervous going into the start of the race after a heavy shower turned the  trail muddy and slick in some spots. But, I fell i with the group I wanted to and rode conservative, if not tentative, for the first lap. Lots of crashes on an obstacle in the course, some pretty horrific, left me thinking that conservative was fine by me.

As the race went on the track improved and was perfect by my third lap. I picked up my pace on that lap to finish strong with some left in the tank. I finished where I thought I would, with finishing being the key. The conditions were never horrible, but it was my first muddy race so getting through it and managing my nerves makes it a big win for me.

When I finished last season my plan was to have an easy spring and get into competition mid-summer. But with the Nebraska MTB schedule being changed, making it basically finished mid-June, I decided to go ahead and hit some early races. It wasn’t a mistake ( I had fun ) but I clearly wasn’t ready and my spring schedule never really allowed me the luxury of getting into race condition. Consequently, the 2012 season is over for me on the MTB with a lukewarm to poor outcome.

However, now my summer is clear to spend some quality time with my wife and family. We have a couple big trips planned which I am very excited about. Aside from that, I am planning on getting at least one century in and some long gravel rides. I just want to go ride my bike.

I’d like to think I’ll be ready to amp it up again for some cyclocross races this fall, but if I’m not its not the end of the world.

Here’s to summer, and I hope to see my cycling friends in the fall.


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