Swanson 2012

Photo by Michael McColgan

For being completely uninspired about racing yesterday it didn’t turn out too bad. We have been so busy at home with projects and life that training seems to have taken a second row, if not back, seat. Good for some things, bad for trying to be competitive.

I showed up at Swanson completely in the dark about my fitness. Crunching the numbers in my several year’s worth of cycling logs gave me a vague notion that I was somewhere near where I was last year but I hadn’t ridden with anyone to see how I really stacked up. Showing up at a race in 90 degree weather with a couple hundred other cyclists is a good way to find out, or as good as any.

Off the line I was where I wanted to be. No sense fighting for a front spot because I knew I didn’t deserve it. I was mid-pack in both my category and wave of racers. I found out soon that I hadn’t prepared my nutrition as much as a I should. My energy started fading fast and by the end of the second lap I was in the bag. I was tired and cramping badly.

I had stashed a spare bottle of Heed at the entrance to the singletrack and on the start of my third lap I stopped and sucked down what I was carrying and half of my stash. I managed to get a gel in as well. About halfway into the lap the cramps subsided and I actually started to feel pretty good. I picked up my pace and managed to pick up a place in the process.

I was hoping for fifth, and ended  up fourth.

My lap times were ok; still fast enough to warrant being a cat 2 anyway. Had it not been for an abysmal second lap they’d actually look pretty good overall.

It looks like the Heed drink works, but I need to pre-load a lot more. A LOT more. It is just too hard to make up any deficit that comes on after the always fast first lap of a Cat 2 XC race so I need to take on enough before the start to keep me going past the initial rush and into the meat of the race.

I am hoping to get to the L&C/Tranquility double header, but I will probably miss Platte River, again. Then its our race and Ponca.



3 thoughts on “Swanson 2012

  1. Hope it’s ok to leave a reply cause I’m not on the team… After 7 years of not being able to ride at all.(Back surgery faild) I ‘m enjoying just being out there, Back brace and alI. I enjoy every ride & race like it’s my last..Oh man, I sound like my mom!! Any-who, I’m 4 for 4 wins this year in the cat3 older than dust . Congrats to Brad Auen, I rode with him last year and and I must inform you that he is a CYBORG!! I’m jealous cause you guys have the COOLIST uniforms out there!! Way to go Brad!!

    • Thanks Tom, and you’re welcome to comment. We’re very happy to have Brad. Glad you like the uniforms, I am sure we can get one to fit you.

      • Thanks I appreciate that. If I was not riding for The Bike Way, I would want to ride for you guys. The Bike Way has been very cool to me, and are also close to my home..I do admire what you guys are doing over there and good luck with your training. Thanks for your time.

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