Starting to get that feeling…

Even though I have been working out hard all winter, I haven’t ridden outside since the last CX race in Lincoln in November. Yes, the January weather was stellar but I had several irons in the fire and going for a ride wasn’t one of them.

But, its mid-February and I’m starting to get antsy about getting rolling again. Adding fuel to that fire is the fact that Lovely Bride and I have reached a workable compromise as far as what races and when will be doable. It also looks like a new set of 29er wheels is in my future.

I have been “working my limiters” mostly, with high intensity intervals being the torture of choice. The workout consists of an extended period of lower intensity endurance work with an ever-increasing number of of high intensity intervals toward the end. Since it doesn’t look like I will ever build the endurance of a  Joe Savoie or be Glen Houts sized, I need to be able to overcome my weight disadvantage with some power. And do it over and over. Duane the Train style.

Racing this year is working around a couple trips and a graduation, which always makes it interesting. Plus I made the mistake of revealing that I can actually do home-improvement projects after years of denying any skill to Lovely Bride so now she has a laundry list of things to do. But it makes her happy, and a happy wife means I get some more ride time, so it all works out.

But with the Psycowpath season ending earlier I anticipate a quiet summer with fall ratcheting up for cyclocross. I am giving myself another year to achieve some success in CX  before it goes the way of road racing for me.

So, yeah, I am starting to get that feeling again; my race season starts April 1.


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