How I spent my 2011

What did I do this year? Good grief, what what a wild ride.

Kristin graduated.

Kristin went off to college.

Braxton turned a year old. Man, I love that kid.

Jake had a nasty accident, but fortunately he wasn’t hurt. Totaled the car though. Not his fault.

Kristin had an accident. No one hurt, totaled the car though. Not her fault.

Looked for cars, a lot.

Worked a month of nights to help cover a personnel shortage.

Raced my MTB bike a lot. Did ok.

Raced my CX bike some, had results all over the board. That needs work.

Went to the Dakota 5-o again, did ok.

Had some interesting cases at work, some made the news.

Kandy and I had some really fun times.

Had my 10th wedding anniversary with my favorite person who happens to be my wife.


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