Maskenthine 2011

We finished up the Psycowpath series today which ends my MTB season except for the season capper – the Dakota 5-o. Looking at my results I am at the same time happy and sad but satisfied with my results.

  • I maintained a higher average speed with a lower heart rate over a longer period of time than in 2010. Happy.
  • Finished sixth in my class. Happy and sad.
  • Had a really bad second lap. Sad.
  • Figured out on the the third lap that I need more calories and fluids. Third lap after some forced fluids and gels was much better than the second. Happy.
  • Seeing that my finish times are fast enough to have won the Cat 3 45+ class and knowing that catting up was the right move. Happy.

Finishing up my first year as a Cat 2 leaves me encouraged for next year. I see that I can be competitive, but that I have work to do.

Applying this all to the Dakota 5-o gives me a good feeling going in, I hope to slash my time from 2008 by a large margin. I will know in 10 days if I did.

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