Intervals hurt. But hopefully they make me stronger.

After reflecting for a bit on my performance at the Ponca MTB race I see that I am sorely lacking in power output. Maybe not wattage, but in wattage repeated time after time. The cumulative effect of doing repeated redline efforts was more than I could handle. I felt like my endurance was adequate, as I rolled across the finish line wanting more but the strength in my legs was shot.

Two and half weeks from now is the Tranquility XC race. I figure if I can build on the stress I put on my body at Ponca for the next 10 days or so, then taper a bit I should line up at Tranquility a bit stronger.

I took Sunday off, Monday I concentrated on 30-60 second hill sprints, with minimal rest and finished out my workout with moderate endurance training. Tuesday I rested. Tonight I wimped out and hit the trainer rather than fighting the wind focusing on a few one leg drills and then repeated 30 sec max intensity drills with matching rest. Tomorrow is Thursday Night Ride, Friday will be off (working a double shift), and Saturday I hope to get a couple of solid hours of endurance level training in, preferably off-road.

Last year at Tranquility I broke my chain halfway through the first lap. With that in mind, finishing will be an improvement, but I’d like something a little more rewarding than that.


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