Saved 33 minutes, and saw lots of water.

Ponca MTB 2011 is done for me. On the results page it doesn’t look so hot: 8th. Not last but not a podium.

But, I took a whopping 33 minutes off of my 2008 time at the same race/distance (that was a failed attempt at moving up to Cat 2)

I was also faster this year than in my 2010 race (back in Cat 3, one lap)

I learned some things – I need a lot of salt to keep from cramping, too much caffeine leads to a blow up, I still need more to work to be much of a climber.

Things are coming along, slowly.

After the race, Kandy and I drove to Yankton to check out the release from Gavins Point Dam. It was truly impressive. Its hard to put the flooding in perspective from either the look out point at Ponca or going over the bridge at Yankton, but seeing the massive flow of water from the dam gates is awe inspiring.

On the drive home we stopped at Jerry’s Hilltop, sat with lots of people with blue hair and seed corn caps, and ate some darn yummy (and cheap!) prime rib.

Such a nice day.


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