Something must be working

It was a nice night and we had a very good group show up for our weekly Thursday Night Ride here in Norfolk. With the wind out of the southeast, we went out on South 1st Street for that loop tonight.

About four miles south of town, there is a hill with a good kicker at the top. There is always a sprint to the top which divides the group for the rest of the trip out until we regroup to start back around on the return trip.

Generally, well always, I get left behind in the sprint and end up with some others that missed it or just by myself, off the back.

As of tonight, that all changed.

Over the hill I was with the lead group. No one was more surprised than me.

I still got dropped a couple miles later – we were rotating through into the wind and  I popped off the back on another climb. But – who cares – I was with the lead group.

Apparently the hill work is paying off. We’ll see how well it is in a couple weeks in Ponca.


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