>Can I count that high?


I have reached an age in my life that people around me are having babies, again. Several years ago I was having children so was everyone around me. Now, my kids are having kids and many of our younger friends are starting families.

While nothing about this is unusual, its natural actually, most of the births or the early stages of the baby’s life were. Either the mother had great difficulty giving birth, or the baby was premature, or there were other complications. Even worse, some of the complications remain unresolved and may have some long-term ramifications. 

These reoccurring situations, and this time of year, force me step back and examine my life. My life is good, not without some ups and downs, but good. My kids are healthy. My wife loves me. Even though Braxton’s birth was difficult, he is a happy healthy baby and his mommy is doing fine. 


What I find is that my blessings are many; so many that I couldn’t count them all if I tried. 

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope everyone who reads this can look at your life and lose count as well. 



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