>Go Away


I was fine coming back to Nebraska.

After being in Florida over the weekend I had re-energized and was ready for the last few weeks of winter. I had seen green grass, palm trees, and felt chilly at 50 degrees. In shorts and a t-shirt. I was even fine looking out this morning to a bit more new snow.

Then, as I was walking down the driveway to help Kristin get her car thawed out, I biffed it. Hard.

Snow – go away. Ice – go away. I am tired of you. I don’t even care (much) that I can’t go outside to ride, or whatever, I just want you to go. Torment someone else now, you have had your fun with me. Its time to let me up.

5 thoughts on “>Go Away

  1. >My thoughts exactly. In fact, when I was running home tonight I also took a tumble and immediately thought of you. This is what formed in my mind next:You take a fall. You get up. Brush yourself off and then keep on keeping on. Stay the course, soldier. You may take a lick here or a bruise there, but you will not go down without a fight. HTFU! HOOAH!Or something like that. Anyway, there are only a few weeks left of this stuff. Kinda like how August is in the end of summer. It'll be warmer weather soon enough

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