>Mid-January Report

>Its January 15, time for an update I suppose.

My fitness seems to be coming along nicely. I am trying to contain my workout intensity which, depending on the day, has been interesting. Extended periods in zone 3 are getting easier, but my energy level is fluctuating and my recovery is starting to suffer a little. I think both of those are products of the weight loss program I’m following, so I am not too worried about it.

Besides, its January. I don’t expect to be at a peak  now. I am just now starting some muscular endurance workouts – low cadence grinding – to start working on some (any) climbing ability. I threw in some power work at the end of Sunday’s long workout and was surprised at the outcome. I plan to work on the power sparingly but intensely, to build it but not burn out on it.

Back when I was lifting heavy, the best lifts I had were the ones I never failed on. Some lifts I could never seem to break through on because I would go too heavy too fast and either crash in a failed lift or hurt myself. The ones that I could work hard and not fail on kept improving. The logic is that if I keep building strength on the bike in small increments there won’t be a limit to it. I know, wishful thinking but cycling has a large mental aspect to it right?

My weight was 195 this morning, the lightest I have been for quite some time. I had one anomaly day in in 2009 that I was 204 but besides that 196 was my lowest since the turn of the century. I am determined to see 190 so I can start a maintenance diet.

It is interesting that I have been laboring under the assumption that I had to have a full tank (stomach) to get through a workout. With this diet I have been purposely operating on less food, and a less-full tank. Surprisingly, I haven’t died, which was always my fear. It has something to do with the old farm-boy “better-eat-all-you-can-now-because-who-knows-when-you-may-eat-again” thought process. Since changing that I feel better longer and earlier in the workout.

So, what started out to be a short blurb turned into a rambling post. Sorry.


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