>2010 Resolutions

>I have never been much of a New Year Resolution kind of guy. I guess it could be that I thought my life was some sort of master puzzle and I was destined to fill a specific spot. Or maybe I was scared to commit to something for fear of failing.

Or maybe I was just plain lazy. My money is on lazy.

Looking back, I fulfilled most of the things I started out to do in 2009, even without a published list. Promoted some races, got my Class B officials license, got one daughter out of college, another into my house, and, best of all, became a grandfather. (Little “Nugget” is set for arrival in July 2010 but I got the news in 2009.) I didn’t get one thing accomplished like I would have hoped but that is another story.

I still didn’t quite hold up my end of the marriage partnership though. Colossal “fail” there, but I’m trying. I wonder why my wife stays with me sometimes, but I am always glad she does. She could do so much better, but I doubt I could. There are days when I wonder what I did right to snag her, and what she did wrong to get hooked by me.

What is in store for 2010? Hopefully no drama, but still a crap-load of stuff. A trip to Florida for a dance competition and a visit with my brother and family. A grand-baby. A wedding in California (I think in 2010, maybe 2011.) Lots of time with my bride. And some cycling.

So, in reverse order of importance, here is my very first published list of resolutions:

  • Get my weight down to 190. 
  • Race competively in two mountain bike races and two cyclocross races. 
  • Deal with that nagging “other story” once and for all.
  • Be a better father.
  • Be a better husband. 

That’s it, five things. To accomplish those five things, I have two (opposite but complimentary) things I am going to live by:

  • Namaste
  • HTFU

With that, I’m off to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another with my bride. Have a Happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “>2010 Resolutions

  1. >I love you sweetie!!! You are a very good father and husband. I am just very demanding (I am saying that now, but know I might change my mind, haha). Good luck with your resolutions. You always accomplish everything you put your mind to. Happy New Year Love your wife

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