>Bite me.

>We have a daughter who lives in Lincoln. She, as well as my wife and another daughter are big Twilight fans. Big like BIG – read all the books multiple times, own the DVD, etc. And last night was the culmination of several months of waiting for them with the release of the latest Twilight movie “New Moon.”

Not only did we all go see the movie, we saw the midnight showing. In Lincoln. We live in Norfolk, 2+ hours from Lincoln. What time did I get home after the movie? La’s just say “late.”

It was fun but being in a theater with several hundred grown women giggling and squealing like school girls over every contrived move or cheeky comment by the lead actors got old. Quick. Not to mention all the over-stimulated women who sat in the lobby drinking soda for two hours prior to showtime who needed to tramp to the powder room constantly.

Don’t even get me started about the dude who came as a werewolf.


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