>The Rest Week That Wasn’t

>Remember that training plan I talked about? The one that had me peaking last week and recovering this week? Yeah, well, that didn’t happen.

It all started according to plan. Finished out last week with a good ride at Maskenthine and took Monday off. Tuesday… was evening spin class combined with the commute by bike and a little off-road riding, followed up with Wednesday morning class and a gym session in the afternoon. After that things sort of fell apart.

This guy IM’s me Thursday morning: “Hey, you riding tonight?” Well, with that kind of pressure, how can I not?

Thursday evening spin class, then a quick change and off to the shop to catch up eith the ride. Nine riders in blue, with one tri-geek thrown in for good measure, took off on the Pierce loop to avenge last week’s crushing defeat on the same loop.

Anyway, I hung on most of the ride. It was hard work made even harder when, after I took off south through the hills ahead of the group, I tried to drop Devin and company after they caught me. It was truly like Kirk asking Scotty for more power and getting the “I can’t hold her sir…” speech when I asked for more from my legs.

Friday, walked a ton at Maskenthine doing trail work followed by two very chill laps. Lifted again today doing an upper body and core workout with ultra-high reps.
I am quite a bit above the total hours of my training plan at this point.

If I was smart, I’d lounge around the house tomorrow and do a few things. More than likely I will sack the lounging, do the few things, and go ride. Cycling is just too dang much fun. No wonder Lance couldn’t stay away.

One thought on “>The Rest Week That Wasn’t

  1. >I’m glad you have the ambition to try to drop me, Jon – haha, that’s fun. Anyway, it’s great to read about your love of the bike. Ride hard, have fun, and stay safe. I’ll see ya Tuesday.

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