>It is ON !!!


Joe Savoie and I have a competition going on as Joe describes it on http://www.nencycling.org – Jon and I set up a little bet to help encourage each other to loose weight in the off season. His goal is to weigh 190 by 1 March… Mine is to loose go from 185 by 1 March. For both of us, it is about 15 lbs. Whoever gets there to their goal first or is the closest by 1 March gets a free Dinner.

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6 thoughts on “>It is ON !!!

  1. >why was I not given an incentive to get under 160? Huh? You think losing two pounds is easy? OK, that was rude. Good luck guys — eating right is a great thing. Fiber, low-fat, rah rah rah!

  2. >Bryan – You are right. I am at 19% body fat. That is 40lbs of fat I could loose. Of course I need to keep some so I figure if I lose %10 of that fat… that is 20lbs. So 20lbs from my current weight of 200 is 180. Another 10lbs would loose me some muscle.

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